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Baseball Prospectus Loves Pirates' Top Prospects

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Baseball Prospectus' list (subscribers-only) of the Pirates' top prospects is ... well, the tenor of it is pretty different from any list of Bucs prospects I can recall. It's full of sentences like "Heredia's ceiling is through the roof" and "Taillon has monster stuff" and "Marte is among the most exciting players in the minors." The cause is the Pirates' super-ambitious approach in the draft (and, to a lesser degree, in Latin America) - of the top 10, eight received signing bonuses of at least a million dollars. The article as a whole isn't overwhelmingly positive, noting that the Pirates still don't have a ton of hitting talent or enough depth, but it reads very differently than articles like these have in the recent past.

Here's the list:

1. Gerrit Cole
2. Jameson Taillon
3. Luis Heredia
4. Josh Bell
5. Starling Marte
6. Robbie Grossman
7. Stetson Allie
8. Kyle McPherson
9. Colton Cain
10. Tony Sanchez
11. Bryan Morris
12. Jeff Locke
13. Clay Holmes
14. Nick Kingham
15. Rudy Owens
16. Zack Von Rosenberg
17. Alen Hanson
18. Justin Wilson
19. Gorkys Hernandez
20. Gustavo Nunez

One of the more interesting parts is the writeup on Kyle McPherson, who BP characterizes as having a very good fastball ("fantastic," actually) but a weak breaking ball and only an average changeup. That's not the way evaluations of McPherson typically go.