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Searage: Charlie Morton, Scott Olsen Top Contenders For Fifth Starter

Ray Searage says that Charlie Morton and Scott Olsen have the inside track on the Pirates' fifth starter job:

Q: Do any guys have a spot [in the rotation] or is it pretty much wide open?

Searage: We'll see how things play out but, you know, Correia, Maholm, and McDonald, and Ohlendorf are your four, with the fifth spot being open between Charlie Morton and Scott Olsen. That's going to be a little bit competitive. But we also got a couple of dark horses there too with Karstens and Lincoln.

This isn't a huge shock, but it confirms that Brad Lincoln will have to do a lot to win a rotation job. Morton is out of options, so if it were me making the decision, I'd almost certainly give Morton the job to start the year unless he were a complete disaster in Spring Training.

Later in the interview, Searage says Jeff Karstens is likely to be a swingman this year.

(Hat tip.)