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Community Projection: Kevin Correia

Next up in our community projections series is Opening Day starter Kevin Correia. Let me know how you'll think he'll do by posting your guesses of his 2011 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA, in that order, and I'll compile the first 20.

The results of the James McDonald projection are in.

Player Community ZiPS
Chris Snyder .232/.324/.388, 25% caught stealing .215/.324/.381
Lyle Overbay .261/.346/.432 .244/.336/.423
Neil Walker .278/.337/.444 .271/.321/.453
Ronny Cedeno .247/.295/.365, 105 starts .253/.295/.385
Pedro Alvarez .267.352/.507, 33 homers .262/.337/.479
Jose Tabata .294/.365/.428, 30 stolen bases .289/.343/.398
Andrew McCutchen .295/.372/.480, -1.7 UZR/150 .288/.365/.453
Garrett Jones .263/.338/.459 .262/.316/.444

Player Community ZiPS
Paul Maholm 171.1 IP, 94K, 54BB, 4.52 ERA 190.1 IP, 117K, 61BB, 4.40 ERA
James McDonald 164.1 IP, 140K, 62BB, 4.16 ERA 121.2 IP, 95K, 53BB, 4.14 ERA

I wouldn't worry too much about McDonald's innings pitched, strikeouts and walks being considerably lower in the ZiPS projection. ZiPS thinks he'll make 15 relief appearances this year, and obviously he won't unless things go very wrong. That's just ZiPS' way of processing the Dodgers' indifference to McDonald when he pitched for them.

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By the way, you may notice the advertorial thing beneath this post. That will be there today and one other day next week. Gotta pay the bills.