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Community Projection: Joel Hanrahan

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We still have Ross Ohlendorf to finish things up, but we can do that before his first start. In the meantime, here's the thread for Joel Hanrahan. Let me know how you think he'll do by predicting his 2011 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA, in that order.

The Charlie Morton projections are done. Here are all the results so far:

Player Community ZiPS
Chris Snyder .232/.324/.388, 25% caught stealing .215/.324/.381
Lyle Overbay .261/.346/.432* .244/.336/.423
Neil Walker .278/.337/.444 .271/.321/.453
Ronny Cedeno .247/.295/.365, 105 starts .253/.295/.385
Pedro Alvarez .267.352/.507, 33 homers .262/.337/.479
Jose Tabata .294/.365/.428, 30 stolen bases .289/.343/.398
Andrew McCutchen .295/.372/.480, -1.7 UZR/150 .288/.365/.453
Garrett Jones .263/.338/.459 .262/.316/.444

Player Community ZiPS
Paul Maholm 171.1 IP, 94K, 54BB, 4.52 ERA 190.1 IP, 117K, 61BB, 4.40 ERA
James McDonald 164.1 IP, 140K, 62BB, 4.16 ERA 121.2 IP, 95K, 53BB, 4.14 ERA
Kevin Correia 169.2 IP, 125K, 64BB, 4.63 ERA 153.3 IP, 115K, 60BB, 4.52 ERA**
Charlie Morton 150 IP, 114K, 59BB, 4.89 ERA 154.2 IP, 100K, 64BB, 4.95 ERA

Wow. The Morton projection is one where people really could have gone nuts in either direction, and instead it again came out looking almost exactly like ZiPS' computer projection. I'm consistently amazed at how little commentary there is to add to these - I think they've mostly been pretty dead-on. We're usually a hair more optimistic than ZiPS is, but only a hair.

*Assumes hitting in Toronto

**Assumes pitching in San Diego