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Community Projection: Ronny Cedeno

Next up in our community projection series is Ronny Cedeno. Guess Cedeno's 2011 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage in the comments, and I'll compile the first 20 into a community projection. As a bonus, predict the number of games Cedeno will start at shortstop in 2011.

The Neil Walker projections are now complete. Here are the results so far.

Player Community ZiPS
Chris Snyder .232/.324/.388, 25% caught stealing .215/.324/.381
Lyle Overbay .261/.346/.432 .244/.336/.423
Neil Walker .278/.337/.444 .271/.321/.453

We must have the most reasonable group of commenters on any team blog, because our projections turn out to look a lot like the ones a computer makes. I wonder if the ones for Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen will turn out that way.

Anyway, insofar as our Walker projection is at all different from ZiPS' (and it isn't that different), I like how ZiPS has Walker hitting for a little less average and a little more power.