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Community Projection: Jose Tabata

Next up in our community projection series is Jose Tabata. In the comments, guess Tabata's 2011 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. As a bonus, guess the number of stolen bases Tabata will have in 2011. Here are Tabata's career numbers.

The results are in for Pedro Alvarez:

Player Community ZiPS
Chris Snyder .232/.324/.388, 25% caught stealing .215/.324/.381
Lyle Overbay .261/.346/.432 .244/.336/.423
Neil Walker .278/.337/.444 .271/.321/.453
Ronny Cedeno .247/.295/.365, 105 starts .253/.295/.385
Pedro Alvarez .267.352/.507, 33 homers .262/.337/.479


This just in: Bucs Dugout votes for Pedro! We're optimistic, moreso than with any of the other players so far, but still not radically so. Even the objective ZiPS predicts Alvarez will have 28 homers, and I doubt ZiPS "knows" that Alvarez went through an adjustment period in his first taste of the bigs last year, struggling through his first month last season and crushing the ball in September.