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Pirates 6, Reds 1: Charlie Morton Pitches Complete Game

The box score is kind of beautiful, isn't it? A complete game for Charlie Morton (with 108 pitches thrown, which some people might be concerned about but doesn't really worry me given that Morton isn't really a kid anymore) with only two walks. A day off for the bullpen. Two homers, both off a pitcher (Bronson Arroyo) who had been pretty dominant in his first two starts, for whatever that's worth. Four hits by Jose Tabata, who is back after a tough game Thursday. Three hits by Chris Snyder. Andrew McCutchen had four strikeouts and has looked lost lately, but if that's as bad as it gets, hey, I'll take it. On the radio just yesterday, I was complaining about how the Bucs had won several close games, but had lost all the blowouts - today, they finally get a mini-blowout of their own.