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Kevin Correia Mows Down Reds As Pirates Win 9-3

Kevin Correia took a two-hitter into the ninth inning as a whole lot went right for the Pirates on Monday, and they picked up a 9-3 win over the Reds. The Bucs also climbed back to .500, at 8-8, with the victory, concluding what was mostly a very good series in which the Pirates picked up their first two blowouts of the year.

The Pirates managed 15 hits, 12 of them singles, and five walks, as seven players (all the starting hitters except Andrew McCutchen, who himself had a long two-run double to left) had two hits. The Pirates used singles to score runs in bunches in the first and fourth innings, but when you hit that many singles, that's going to happen.

Correia gave up a meaningless two-run homer in the ninth to Chris Heisey, but he mowed down 15 straight batters from the third inning to the eighth.

By the way, Bill Brink notes that Aroldis Chapman hit 106 MPH on the Great American Ballpark radar gun today. Chapman is ridiculous, but that still puts Joel Hanrahan's 100-MPH readings on Sunday in some perspective. That gun certainly seems to be a little bit hot.