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Josh Johnson, Marlins Two-Hit Pirates, Win 6-0

I was out for part of the evening, but I watched the last few innings live and caught the highlights - such as they were - later. It looked like Paul Maholm didn't have a whole lot tonight and the Marlins hitters were just waiting to smash his curveball - and that includes pitcher Josh Johnson, who hit a curve for a two-run single after Maholm threw him three in a row to similar locations.

In the fourth, John Buck hit an RBI double - again on a curve - and then Maholm loaded the bases and walked in a run. Mike Crotta came in an gave up a popup by Gaby Sanchez that dropped in front of Garrett Jones and Andrew McCutchen, bringing home two more runs.

The Pirates were able to do little with Johnson, as expected, although judging from reading the gamethread, it appears that a rather elastic strike zone was a problem yet again. Still, nine strikeouts in seven innings from Johnson, plus three more from the Marlins' relievers. And only two hits, both singles, and one walk. Ugly stuff.