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Marlins 6, Pirates 0 ... Again

Yikes, Tuesday's game was bad enough, and on Wednesday there was another one, as the Marlins defeated the Pirates by a score of 6-0 for the second consecutive game.

The Marlins got started scoring in the second when Charlie Morton loaded the bases with two singles and a walk, and Chris Coghlan hit a ball toward second with two outs. Neil Walker fielded the ball, but he had to take time to make his throw to first because Lyle Overbay had broken toward the ball as well. The hesitation allowed two runners to come home. Omar Infante (with some help from an error by Jose Tabata) and Hanley Ramirez then hit RBI singles to increase the lead to 4-0. It's a shame - I wouldn't say the Walker play was anyone's fault, and yet a slightly different result would have kept all four runs off the board.

The Marlins scored some more in the third on RBI singles by Emilio Bonifacio and Coghlan. But it didn't really matter. If you can't score, you can't win, and the Pirates mustered only five hits and one walk tonight, to go along with 10 strikeouts. That won't cut it.