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Pirates Featured On Colbert Report

I got a note from a fellow SBNer that the Pirates were featured on the Colbert Report on Tuesday, so I watched the rerun in the middle of the night. Here's his site. The video isn't posted as I type this, but it should go up sometime this morning. It's about this incident from a couple weeks ago, in which a rowdy fan was tased at PNC Park.

The punchlines in Colbert's bit that involve the Pirates are pretty typical (he says the officer hitting the fan with a nightstick has an arm so weak he could pitch for the Pirates, for example, and there's also a joke about the sparse attendance at the Nationals series over the past few days), but it's worth checking out anyway, if only because it's really weird to see the Pirates come up in the context of a national TV show that has nothing to do with baseball.