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Pirates 2, Giants 0: James McDonald Pitches Six Scoreless Innings

This one wasn't broadcast in the Pittsburgh area, but here's what happened: James McDonald pitched six shutout innings despite walking four batters (and, to judge from the gamethread, still not throwing with the velocity we saw last year), and the Bucs' terrific bullpen shut down the Giants, with Chris Resop (and not Evan Meek) pitching the end of the seventh and all of the eighth. Chris Snyder (on a dying quail) and Jose Tabata had RBI singles, and the Bucs won 2-0. Madison Bumgarner had seven strikeouts and one walk, but took the loss anyway (shades of the first week of the season, when the Pirates were routinely getting struck out a bunch by opposing starters but still finding ways to win). It wasn't an ideal-looking line for McDonald, but at this point, I'll take it, given his struggles so far this year.

Oh, and the Jameson Taillon - Bryce Harper matchup was anticlimactic, wasn't it? Taillon only got in two innings - the first of them very shaky - before the game was suspended. The Power did manage to rack up seven runs before that. It makes me glad I didn't go down there for the game, which I was considering. Tim has a good writeup of what did happen - Taillon apparently touched 98, while sitting at 95-96 MPH in the first inning and 93-94 in the second.