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Pirates Vs. Cubs, 4 April 2011: Overflow Thread No. 2

The Pirates retake the lead thanks to an RBI single by Lyle Overbay, but the Cubs tie it again thanks to a triple by Starlin Castro (which I missed, but many commenters thought that at-bat should have resulted in a strikeout call) and a sac fly. The Pirates sent Ross Ohlendorf out to hit in the sixth, but he looks done - his command just isn't there. Nonetheless, he'll pitch the bottom half of the inning against the bottom half of the Cubs' order.

Matt Garza has about a million strikeouts already and has outpitched Ohlendorf; the Pirates are fairly lucky to still be in this one.

UPDATE 4:18 PM: Ugh, and the leadoff batter in the sixth, Alfonso Soriano, promptly hits a homer to center after Ohlendorf throws him a high fastball. No more Ohlendorf, please.