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Pirates Defeat Rockies 3-0; Evan Meek To DL

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The Pirates beat the Rockies 3-0 Friday night despite seven strong innings from Jhoulys Chacin (who struck out eight batters and walked none, a pretty typical line against Pirates hitters this year). Kevin Correia pitched 6.2 shutout innings, striking out four and walking one, Chris Resop was excellent as usual, and Andrew McCutchen and Garrett Jones hit solo homers.

Also, the Pirates will place Evan Meek on the DL, in order "to regain strength in his right shoulder." His replacement hasn't been selected yet, but Dejan Kovacevic thinks it could be Danny Moskos. I'm not a huge fan of Moskos, as anyone who has been paying attention here knows, but he has posted good numbers at Class AAA this year and is probably deserving of a callup. In any case, this hopefully will mean that Resop and Jose Veras move into higher-leverage roles, and we won't have to play the guessing game of wondering what will happen when Meek comes in, or wonder whether his velocity will be there when he does.