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Grossman, Chambers, Inman Head Bradenton Roster

Let's see if I can get the Marauders' roster up before Charlie does.


Ramon Cabrera

Carlos Paulino


Calvin Anderson

Aaron Baker

Kelson Brown

Jarek Cunningham

Benji Gonzalez

Elevys Gonzalez

Adalberto Santos


Evan Chambers

Robbie Grossman

David Rubinstein

Cole White


Nathan Baker

Joe Beimel

Tyler Cox

Jason Erickson

Jeff Inman

Phillip Irwin

Kyle McPherson

Matt McSwain

Quinton Miller

Eliecer Navarro

Jhonathan Ramos

Hunter Strickland

Duke Welker

Beimel obviously is expected to be rehabbing.

Notable names that are absent include RHPs Victor Black and Brett Lorin and catcher Travis Scott. The first two are undoubtedly hurt. Scott, who was selected in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft, was probably slated to be the backup here until they acquired Paulino Lite. Or he's hurt.