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Updates On Victor Black, Brett Lorin

After the release of the Bradenton Marauders roster this afternoon, there were questions about why Victor Black and Brett Lorin haven't appeared on any of the minor-league rosters. I just got in touch with Kyle Stark, and he said that Black is a little bit behind schedule in getting ready for the season, due to his shoulder problems last year. Lorin, meanwhile, "tweaked his groin" in camp. It doesn't sound like either situation is terribly serious, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Obviously, as epoc points out in the comments, these guys have spent a lot of time being hurt, so any injury is problematic, and it's hard not to fear the worst. Since Lorin is having groin issues and his previous problems were with his hip, though, I'm not overly worried, and Stark really didn't sound concerned about Black. Time will tell.