When should Presley get the call?

Alex Presley has followed up his impressive 2010 campaign with an even more impressive 2011 so far. Last year in AA he put up a .350/.399/.533 in 246 AA at-bats, and a .294/.349/.460 line in 272 at-bats. And so far this year he has been even better posting a .319/.371/.490 line in 386 at-bats. Tim over at Pirates Prospects had a great post today about how if this was currently Lambo, a former top-prospect, putting up this line there would be a lot more talk about making room for him in right field with the big league team. The Jones/Diaz platoon hasn't been bad but they haven't been great either. I for one would love to see Presley get a shot as a starter sooner rather than later to see if he can continue his success in the majors. What do you guys think? When should Presley get the call?

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