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Why Is Zack Von Rosenberg Allowing So Many Homers?

Zack Von Rosenberg pitched yesterday against Charleston, allowing two homers in five innings. Von Rosenberg has had six starts this year and has allowed homers in every single one, and he now has nine home runs allowed in his first 30.2 innings. That's alarming, even though his numbers suggest he has pitched pretty well otherwise (with 30 strikeouts and seven walks). I checked in with Kyle Stark to see why this might be happening and what the Pirates might be working on to fix it.

Zack has given up a bunch of home runs for a few reasons. [He is] around the zone all the time so hitters are not really uncomfortable, [he throws] pitches that can get flat up in the zone right now, etc. Ultimately, we're tackling some delivery things to help this, but that will take some time, so [in the] short term we're tackling some pitch usage (fastball in off the plate, mixing his secondary pitches, etc.).

It'll be interesting to see how these adjustments affect his numbers going forward.