Here Is Why The Bucs Should Take A Position Player

2000 Draft 1st Position Player Taken Adrian Gonzalez 1st Pitchers Adam Johnson, Justin Wayne,Stodolka,Harrington

2001 1st PP Joe Mauer Prior, Brazleton, Gavin, Josh Karp

2002 1st PP BJ Upton Bullington, Gruler, Loewen, Everts

2003 1st PP Delmon Young Sleeth, Stauffer, Maholm, Danks

2004 1st PP Matt Bush Verlander, Humber, Niemann, Mark Rogers

2005 1st PP Justin Upton Romero, Pelfrey, Townsend, Lance Broadway

2006 1st PP Longoria Hochevar, Reynolds, Lincoln, Miller

2007 1st PP Moustakas Price, Moskos, Casey Weathers, JParker

2008 1st PP Beckham Matusz, Crow, Martin, Lawrie

2009 1st PP Dustin Ackley Strasburg, Hobgood, Wheeler, Minor

2010 1st PP Bryce Harper Tallion. Pomeranz, Loux, Harvey

Obviously Price and Verlander are the pitching standouts. But look at the list of first position players taken. I play the odds whenever I can, and the odds favor taking the best position player. Rendon.

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