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Pirates Holding Andrew Lambo Out Of Games

Jenifer Langosch reports that the Pirates are holding Andrew Lambo out of games, and not for injury-related reasons. Or marijuana-related reasons! 

Kyle Stark, the Pirates’ director of player development, said Lambo is not out due to injury.

"We’re continuing to help him make some adjustments to the Triple-A level and picking our spots to help him make those adjustments rather than just competing in games," Stark said.

Lambo has been awful this year, hitting .212/.290/.336, so it's easy to understand the Pirates' effort to be proactive in helping him improve, rather than just leaving him out there to make the same mistakes against Class AAA pitching. Obviously, holding a guy out of games isn't always the best way to help a struggling player, but let's hope it works in this case. It sounds like the Pirates think Lambo can't necessarily make those adjustments while trying to hit pitchers who would probably pose a challenge for him in even the best of circumstances.

Thanks to cocktailsfor2.