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Pirates 7, Padres 4: Pirates Get Sense Of What It's Like To Play Against Pirates

Not much to say about this one - the Pirates took a huge lead early on, and then the ROOT Sports feed fell apart as the Padres scored a couple runs at the end. The Bucs started all five bench players today, but that didn't seem to stop them. Of course, the Padres' atrocious defense really helped - to paraphrase Mr. E from the gamethread, it was like the Bucs were playing themselves. The Bucs had already scored one run in the third when errors by Nick Hundley and Chase Headley allowed the Bucs to load the bases in the third. Neil Walker brought in two with a single, and then Steve Pearce walked. Ryan Doumit then hit a grand slam to right.

There wasn't much more to it after that. Kevin Correia cruised against a weak Padres offense, and Chris Resop and Dan McCutchen and Chris Resop did too. Jose Veras gave up a couple of mostly meaningless runs on homers by Brad Hawpe and Eric Patterson in the ninth, probably because he was just tired of being awesome, but still finished out the game before things got too hairy.

Between the errors and Joggin'-Ronny-esque shenanigans like Jason Bartlett just giving up instead of running to first when Doumit didn't catch the pitch he struck out on, the Padres look like a really bad team. (And even calling the Bartlett move Paulino-esque is probably unfair to Paulino, since I can't recall anything he did that was that indifferent.) The loss of Adrian Gonzalez looms large - he looks like a frigging superhero compared to every other hitter they've had there since 2008 or so.