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Astros 3, Pirates 2: Please, Please Stop Bunting

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The Pirates took a 2-1 lead into the eighth thanks to an RBI double by Brandon Wood and a solo homer by Neil Walker, then pretty much gave the game away. Chris Resop came on and issued a leadoff walk to Michael Bourn - never a wise decision. Bourn stole second, then came home on a double by Hunter Pence. Carlos Lee then knocked in Pence with a single.

Xavier Paul walked to lead off the bottom of the inning, and then, inexplicably, Clint Hurdle had Andrew McCutchen bunt Paul over. Jose Tabata then grounded out, and the Astros brought in lefty Fernando Abad, who predictably made Garrett Jones look pretty clueless. Your turn to bat, Astros, and you're welcome for not scoring. This wasn't the ninth inning, it was the eighth, and it wasn't a tie game. Having McCutchen bunt there was just a horrible decision, particularly given that the pitcher at the time, Wilton Lopez, had just had trouble finding the zone. Mark Melancon pitched the ninth without incident, and the Astros won 3-2.