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Pedro Alvarez Available Off The Bench; Bucs Haven't Settled On Top Pick

Colin Dunlap reports that Pedro Alvarez, who has been out for several days with quad tightness, was available Sunday and did "strenuous" infield practice before the game. He therefore shouldn't have to go on the disabled list, which I think is probably good - as bad as he has been this year, I still think the best solution is to have him try to play his way out of it. Given that Alvarez tends to be a slow starter, I would worry that an extended break would throw him even further out of whack, if that's possible.

Dunlap also notes that the Pirates are considering many prospects with the top pick in the upcoming draft, not just Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole. I'm not sure if I'd read much into that just yet. Given the lack of a head-and-shoulders top talent in this year's draft and given that the draft is still several weeks away, I'm glad the Pirates are taking their time. Even if they weren't, there would be no reason for them to tip their hands now, given the possibility that one of the top players could suffer a serious injury between now and then, or something. The article reports that the Pirates could be looking at a double-digit number of prospects. That's just due diligence, and there's no harm in that.

By the way, Dunlap quotes Huntington saying he won't shy away from any prospect's advisor, by which he means that he doesn't fear Scott Boras. Given the Pirates' willingness to pick high-risk prospects in the draft in the past three years, that should come as no surprise.