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Mets 8, Pirates 1: Charlie Morton Struggles Through Four Innings

I only watched the first four innings of this one, figuring that anytime you call a guy up from the minors (Tim Wood, in this case) and he's warming up in the bullpen in the first inning later that day, that isn't good.

When Charlie Morton is cruising, he makes it look so easy. Put a guy on? No problem, just get the next guy to ground into a double play. Today, things weren't so easy. He really struggled with his control in the first inning, then gave up an unearned run after Ronny Cedeno's first error in over a month. The second and third innings were relatively smooth, but then the Mets used an Angel Pagan double and a series of singles to get to Morton in the fourth inning, in which they scored five runs. Pagan then kicked off the next inning with a triple and later scored. Jose Reyes also hit a solo homer in the sixth.

Wood did end up making his Pirates debut in the seventh inning, getting three ground ball outs and allowing only a walk.