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Poll: Will The Pirates Escape June With A .500 Record?

Amazingly, the Pirates are 33-33 in mid-June. Let's take a look at their upcoming schedule.

They've got two more games against the Astros, which is excellent. They'll take on J.A. Happ and rookie Jordan Lyles.

After that, interleague play begins, and we'll hopefully see at least Alex Presley join the team. The Bucs start with three games on the road against the Cleveland Indians, who are currently 35-30 but have scored only three more runs than they've allowed and have only won two games out of their last 12.

Then it's three games against the Baltimore Orioles, who are 30-34 and have allowed 37 more runs than they've scored, although they've been playing in by far the best division in baseball.

After that it's three each against the Red Sox and Jays, and those should be tough. The Red Sox have arguably been baseball's best team up to this point. Toronto is 33-34, but again, they're playing the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays all the time.

So how many of those games will the Pirates win?