Minor League Mystery: Who is Carlos Mesa?

At some point today the name Carlos Mesa mysteriously showed up on the State College Spikes website. He's grouped in with the pitchers and listed at 6'2, 210, and born February 10, 1988. I wasn't familiar with him, but I assumed he was a DSL or VSL pitcher from the last few years who I completely missed. I looked around a little bit and no one else seemed to know him either.

Fast forward to game time and has him listed as the starting right fielder for the Spikes. Now I'm really confused. By the time the game is over he's credited with two hits.

I'm left with so many questions:

1. Is Carlos Mesa even a real person?

2. Is he really on the Spikes roster?

3. Is he a pitcher or an outfielder?

4. Did he really start in right field and collect two hits today?

5. Where the hell did he come from?

Maybe together we can solve this mystery.

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