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MLB Mock Draft: Teams Reportedly Have Information On Anthony Rendon's Shoulder

Here's a new mock draft from that predicts the Pirates will take Gerrit Cole, but also notes that Anthony Rendon should have distributed health information on his shoulder by this point. We don't know yet what that information is. The first seven are Cole, Rendon (Mariners), Danny Hultzen (Diamondbacks), Dylan Bundy (Orioles), Bubba Starling (Royals), Trevor Bauer (Nationals) and Francisco Lindor (Diamondbacks again). That makes a lot of sense - it's hard to see anyone but Rendon, Cole, Hultzen and Bundy going in the first four picks (in whatever order), and I can't believe the Royals would pass on an ultra-toolsy Kansan like Starling.

If the medical reports indicate Rendon is healthy enough for the Mariners to be satisfied picking him at No. 2, I'll be disappointed if the Pirates pass on him at No. 1. Thankfully, Mayo notes that his guess that the Pirates are picking Cole isn't based on inside information - the Pirates still haven't said who they're taking.