How Fast Is Chase d’Arnaud? The Video, Please!

I have talked before about how fast Chase d’Arnaud is, but I think many people didn't quite believe it. Well, in his very first MLB game, d’Arnaud gave us at least two plays to watch and therefore time him to see just exactly how he compares to the other speedsters on the Pirates, Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata.

For reference, you may recall the videos I did last year of Tabata, and how he was surprisingly Cutch's equal flying down to first base. Here is one of those pieces:

Cutch vs. El Lagarto THROWDOWN ROUND 2 (via marklandson)

As if that wasn't surprising enough, check out d’Arnaud's speed that he showed last night to compare with our more established speedsters:

How Fast is Chase d’Arnaud? (via marklandson)

That’s right! I have never clocked McCutchen getting down to first base as quickly as Chase did in his very first game! Three seconds and 29 frames! He may have hit into a DP there, but he certainly impressed with his speed tool. let's hope he can make enough good contact like his triple yesterday for the Pirates to replace a minus in their lineup with a plus. The Pirates could have three of the fastest guys in MLB at the top of their lineup for years to come.

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