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Pirates 6, Phillies 3: Another Solid Start By Charlie Morton

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I won't even attempt a proper recap of this one - I was too busy having a great time at the Gathering with Vlad, WTM, dtoddwin, cocktailsfor2, bucdaddy, goldneck, Uncle Nate, and some other Bucs Dugout folks, plus Brian from Raise The Jolly Roger, Tom from RumBunter and a bunch of folks from Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. (My apologies for the lack of links right now - I'm on a very slow computer, and it's three in the morning.)

As much as this game felt like a bunt-fest - just anecdotally, it seemed like every possible opportunity to bunt was being seized - it was a lot of fun to watch, and it was great to see the Pirates do well in front of a sold-out crowd, even if that crowd was at least half Phillies fans.

Charlie Morton did his usual death-by-a-thousand ground balls thing for seven innings, and the Pirates got more than enough offense to support him, thanks in part to a couple of RBIs from Andrew McCutchen and some hitting from some unlikely sources - Lyle Overbay was a homer short of the cycle (which sounds a whole lot lamer than being even a triple short of the cycle, but hey - the fact that Overbay had a triple in this game is pretty significant in itself), and Brandon Wood had a solo homer in the fourth. Joel Hanrahan had a rocky ninth, but left the bases loaded to preserve a 6-3 victory.