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2011 MLB Draft: Pirates Take Gerrit Cole

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I'll run this like the game threads, where we'll move to an overflow every time we hit 350 comments or so. I'll be updating the draft here and at SB Nation has a list of the best 50 draft prospects.

UPDATE 6:59 PM: Pretty stupid that the Pirates go "on the clock" after 7:00 passes. Haven't they been on the clock since October?

UPDATE 7:02 PM: Least cringe-worthy speech by Bud Selig I think I've ever seen. He only had a year to prepare.

UPDATE 7:05 PM: True, the Pirates can't afford an ace on the free agent market. But they can't afford a great hitter, either. This blather about the cost of starting pitching makes no sense.

UPDATE 7:07 PM: The Pirates take Gerrit Cole, as expected. 

UPDATE 7:12 PM: Peter Gammons' logic: The Pirates select Gerrit Cole because they can't afford to get pitchers on the free agent market, while the Mariners will select Anthony Rendon because they can't afford hitters. Anyway, the Mariners take Danny Hultzen, in a bit of a surprise. This suggests that the medicals on Rendon might not have been so good.