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Huntington: Pirates' Decision Not To Draft Anthony Rendon Not Based On Medical Records

Wow. I can't believe Neal Huntington admitted this.

#Pirates GM Neal Huntington on Rendon: "There was nothing in Anthony’s [injury] records that changed our willingness to draft him or not."

However the Pirates reached the conclusion they did, the four teams that drafted immediately after them agreed. After so many teams passed, I assumed it had to be due to injury, but apparently not. It almost appears lucky for Huntington, then, that Rendon is hurt - if he hadn't had the shoulder problems, he probably would have been a consensus top pick, and Huntington really would have been going against the grain by passing on him. Then again, maybe the fact that Rendon had a shoulder injury was an issue for the Pirates, but the specific information in the medical reports was not?

It also could be that the Pirates understandably don't want to create the appearance that Gerrit Cole is merely a consolation prize.

In any case, it looks like the Pirates got the guy they really wanted in Cole. We'll see how their evaluation turns out. I imagine Cole won't sign early enough to pitch this year - if the Pirates even want him to anyway - but that he'll start for Bradenton or perhaps Altoona next year, at which point we'll start to get a sense of what the Bucs got. They'll have until then to make sure his mechanics are straightened out.