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MLB Draft, Day Two: Pirates Have First Pick

The Pirates have the first pick on Day Two, which kicks off at noon. Here is Baseball America's list of the top remaining players. Of those, Josh Bell (No. 15) has a commitment to Texas and doesn't sound like he'll be breaking it. Daniel Norris (No. 16) sounds more pliable, rating his chance of going pro at 50 percent. That sounds like exactly the sort of player the Pirates would gamble on in the second round, particularly since the pick is protected.

Austin Hedges (No. 28) is a very good defensive catcher who is committed to UCLA and appears unlikely to sign. Oregon State catcher Andrew Susac (No. 30) had a broken hamate bone this season, while teammate and pitcher Josh Osich (No. 41) had recently had a dip in his velocity. Dillon Howard (No. 31) has an Arkansas commitment. Matt Purke (No. 32) has shoulder problems and has lost velocity as a result.