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2011 MLB Draft, Day Two: Pirates Select Josh Bell

Wow. The Pirates pick the best player left on the board with their second-round pick. Bell, an outfielder who has a commit to Texas, has said he isn't going to sign. He is, however, represented by Scott Boras, which might indicate he's more willing than he says he is, and the Pirates had all night to investigate whether Bell was serious about going to college. In any case, though, he won't be cheap - if signs at all, he's definitely going to cost several million dollars. Baseball America ranks him the No. 15 overall talent in the draft.

If our experience the past few years tells us anything, though, it's that the Pirates will make every effort to sign guys like this. If they do sign Cole and Bell, they're going to get into the $10 or $11 million range just with the first two rounds. Great pick - this is comparable to the Stetson Allie pick early on Day Two last year.