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MLB Draft 2011 Results, Day Two: Pirates Pick Another Top Prospect In Alex Dickerson In Third Round

After making a huge splash in the first two rounds by selecting two top draft talents in Gerrit Cole and Josh Bell, the Pirates have picked Alex Dickerson, who Baseball America ranked No. 42 in the draft. Jonathan Mayo: "[The Pirates] actually have my Top 50 in their draft room ... Dickerson is all that." Wow.

He's a power hitter from Indiana University, and he isn't much of a defensive player. It looks like the Pirates will use him as a first baseman, so if he signs, he'll join Matt Curry and Aaron Baker as first-base prospects.

UPDATE 1:21 PM: In the fourth round, the Pirates have picked Colten Brewer, a Texas high-school pitcher, making him the second Texas high school pitcher named "Colten" or "Colton" the Pirates have selected in the past few years (the other being, of course, Colton Cain). Perfect Game describes him as a signable player with a 92-94 MPH fastball and "no break ball." Hm. If he doesn't sign, he'll be headed to junior college.