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2011 MLB Draft, Day Three: Open Thread

Rounds 31-50 today. The Pirates rarely sign too many players drafted between rounds 31 and 50, but it's certainly possible they could grab a high-upside backup plan or two, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

Players from Louisiana are the new Zack this year, apparently. Rosado was selected by the Rockies in the 11th round in 2010.

35th-rounder Reid Mathews has a commitment to Austin Peay.

Hey, it's a Marshall guy! 36th-rounder Isaac Ballou appears to mostly be a speed player at this point.

39th-rounder Rand Ravnaas was a first-team All-Big East player this year.

42nd-rounder Nick Hibbing is committed to Iowa and would therefore probably be pretty tough to sign. He throws 88-91 MPH, with a changeup that he has apparently already worked on a lot, and also a curve.

46th-rounder Jeff Schalk has a commitment to Alabama-Birmingham, whose coach calls him (probably extremely optimistically) "one of the best left-handed high school hitters in the country." He appears likely to head to college and will apparently require a substantial bonus if he signs.

47th-rounder Jordan Deluca is from the Saxton area, southeast of Altoona.

How predictable was it that the Pirates would take a Texas high school pitcher named Zachary?

31. Derek Trent, East Tennessee State C

32. David Jagoditsh, Pima (AZ community college) P

33. Christopher Lashmet, Northwestern 3B

34. Juan "Hommy" Rosado, Louisiana State - Eunice 1B

35. Reid Mathews, Tennessee HS 2B

36. Isaac Ballou, Marshall CF

37. Rodarrick Jones, Southern LF

38. Douglas Crumlich, UC-Irvine SS

39. Rand Ravnaas, Georgetown LF

40. Raph Rhymes, LSU 2B

41. Jon Schwind, Marist C

42. Nicholas Hibbing, Illinois HS P

43. William Argo, University of Illinois CF

44. Bobby LeCount, Washington State community college 3B

45. Robert Ingram, Yavapai P

46. Jeff Schalk, Illinois HS RF

47. Jordan Deluca, Pennsylvania HS CF

48. Zachary Thompson, Texas HS P

49. Austin White, Arkansas HS 3B

50. Zechariah Lemond, Texas HS P