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Diamondbacks 2, Pirates 0: Chris Young Homer Decisive In Shutout

I kept feeling like Jeff Karstens was constantly on the verge of losing it in this one. He was efficient, but lots of his pitches were getting hit hard, then dying deep in the outfield. Somehow, though, he lasted seven innings without giving up a run.

Meanwhile, the Pirates couldn't do much of anything against Josh Collmenter, despite occasionally putting together some really nice at-bats against him. They got him to throw 102 pitches through five innings, but only managed two walks and four hits.

Chris Resop entered in a scoreless game in the eighth and promptly allowed an infield single, and then a long Chris Young homer. That proved to be the difference, as the Pirates failed to score in the eighth and ninth. They picked up only five hits in total, including no extra-base hits.

The Pirates will take another shot at .500 Friday.