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Cardinals 6, Pirates 4

The Cardinals had 15 hits, including eight extra-base hits and three homers, in this one, so they took the Pirates to the woodshed a bit. Albert Pujols had a single, two doubles and a homer, and Yadier Molina had a single, a double and a homer.

The Pirates mustered their fair share of singles, but Chris Carpenter still managed to get through eight innings. Mike McKenry attempted to mount a rally in the ninth inning with a single off Fernando Salas, but it was undone by a horrible at-bat by Matt Diaz and a liner for an out by Alex Presley

There was also the Pirates debut of Jason Grilli, who pitched a scoreless top of the ninth inning, allowing one of those Pujols doubles but striking out Matt Holliday with a decent-looking slider. 

The Pirates now slide into a tie for second with the Cardinals; the Brewers play late tonight in San Francisco.