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Pirates Vs. Nationals, 3 July 2011

I've got a long drive ahead today, so I'll keep this brief, but Anson Whaley has a recap of yesterday's action over at SB Nation Pittsburgh. It's nice to see both James McDonald and Brad Lincoln do fairly well, even if Lincoln's lead wasn't preserved by the bullpen.

Ronny Cedeno did, in fact, go on the 7-day DL, and was replaced on the roster with Pedro Ciriaco. Meanwhile, the Bucs have sent Lincoln back down and replaced him with Chris Leroux. Since Tim Wood went down to make space for Lincoln, they're effectively swapping Wood for Leroux, which sounds reasonable to me right now even before considering that Lincoln's spot start was what started all this. Wood got his shot and didn't pitch well at all; Leroux has actually been pretty good at Indianapolis.