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Ryan Doumit Could Play Right Field, First Base When He Comes Back

Jenifer Langosch reports that Ryan Doumit could play right field and first base when he gets back.

Honestly, I'd rather not see him at first base. I'm hopeful that the Bucs will do something about the Lyle Overbay situation, since just about anyone would be better, but everything I've seen from Doumit at first suggests it's just about the worst place to put him. One of his main problems behind the plate is ... well, catching throws, and that might be an even more important skill at first than it is at catcher. Also, while he has hit well this year, he has a 104 career OPS+, which isn't good enough to justify his defensive struggles. If they want to put him in right field occasionally, I'm fine with that, but I'd still much rather see him in a time share with Michael McKenry at catcher. The Bucs can do something else at first base, whether that's bringing up Matt Hague or making a trade.

UPDATE: Aaaaand Rob Biertempfel reports the exact opposite, that Doumit won't be playing right or first, and has a quote from Clint Hurdle to support it. Okay.