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MLB Trade Rumors: Pirates Acquire Ryan Ludwick For PTBNL

Not much news here right now. It looks likely that the Indians will get Ryan Ludwick, and the Pirates either are or are not in on Jason Kubel, depending on who you believe. 

You can use this as a new open thread for the deadline. The game thread is below.

UPDATE 1:33 PM: The Twins won't deal Kubel, Jon Paul Morosi writes.

UPDATE 1:36 PM: Morosi now writes that the Pirates could go hard after B.J. Upton.

UPDATE 1:42 PM: Chris Iannetta is out of the Rockies' lineup even though he was supposed to start today. There were rumors connecting him to the Pirates a couple weeks ago.

UPDATE 2:01 PM: The Pirates are now being connected to Omar Infante of the Marlins for some reason. He's an average to below-average defender in the middle infield, and has a history of hitting a little bit, although he hasn't done so this year. I imagine the Pirates would want him only if he's cheap, and they'd use him as a super-utilityman. Tim points out that he could be a Type B free agent, which would mean the Pirates could get a supplemental pick.

UPDATE 2:19 PM: Morosi now writes that Upton might not be traded at all.

UPDATE 2:30 PM: Not so fast with Ludwick to the Indians, Jonathan Mayo says, although if the Padres are asking too much of the team that just traded two of its last three first-round picks, I doubt the Pirates will get him either.

UPDATE 2:35 PM: The Padres just got two very good pitching prospects in Robert Erlin and Joseph Wieland for Mike Adams. I kind of hope the Pirates are listening to offers for relievers right now.

UPDATE 2:49 PM: The Indians are apparently near a deal for Wandy Rodriguez. They're really going for it.

UPDATE 3:12 PM: The Pirates are supposedly "back in" the Ryan Ludwick sweepstakes.

UPDATE 3:24 PM: The Bucs are about to acquire Ryan Ludwick, Jon Paul Morosi reports. I would be happy with this as long as the return is insignificant. Ludwick can play the backup outfielder role much better than Matt Diaz, and he'll benefit from leaving PETCO behind. He's also a good defensive player.

UPDATE 3:54 PM: The Pirates and Padres are "finalizing" the Ludwick trade, Morosi says. No word yet on the return.

UPDATE 3:56 PM: It's a player to be named for Ludwick, and it's complete. The fact that it's a PTBNL indicates that this was mostly about dumping salary for the Padres. If that's the case, good move by the Bucs.