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Bruce Bochy Upset About Clint Hurdle's 'Whiffed' Comments

This article about Bruce Bochy's reaction to Clint Hurdle's "whiffed" comments about Andrew McCutchen being snubbed for the All-Star Game is pretty funny. 

On Tuesday, Bochy fired back, saying many managers phoned him before the picks were made to lobby for certain players, but McKeon and Hurdle did not.

Maybe Hurdle thought Bochy was capable of picking the right players on his own.

"What bothers me are some of the comments made by other managers," Bochy said. "Now you're getting personal, disparaging other players ...

Though Hurdle did not mention other players by name, the only outfielders Bochy selected were Arizona's Justin Upton and New York's Carlos Beltran.

Upton was the only Diamondback taken, so in Bochy's eyes, Hurdle was saying his player was better than Beltran. Bochy said he, his staff and a league official began finalizing the team in earnest as the Giants arrived in Detroit on Friday and suggested reporters check the two outfielders' stats as of then.

So ... it's Bochy's job to say that Beltran is better than McCutchen, but if Hurdle has to nerve to point out that, by any reasonable standard other than perhaps career numbers, that's not the case, that's "getting personal." Okay.

And even that assumes that that's what Hurdle is saying. If he had said that, he would have been right, but that's actually not what he said at all. Not only did he not mention Beltran, he didn't even mention Bochy, and he didn't specify at which point in the compiling of the rosters McCutchen should have been selected. He said that "everybody whiffed."

(Via Dejan Kovacevic on Twitter)