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MLB Draft Deadline Open Thread: Gerrit Cole And Josh Bell Reportedly Agree To Terms

You can continue to follow the draft here. I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with news regarding signings.

The Pirates have completed the Clay Holmes deal, according to various sources on Twitter, and will not sign 11th-round pick Joel Bennett.

Kendall Rogers tweets that the Pirates aren't getting Aaron Brown, either.

UPDATE 12:00 AM: ... And it's midnight. More signings should trickle in in the next half hour.

UPDATE 12:02 AM: Jon Heyman says that the Pirates have a deal with Gerrit Cole.

UPDATE 12:03 AM: AND JOSH BELL. Wow. Way to go Pirates. No details yet. But the Pirates are going to set a record here. They already had three relatively big signings in Holmes, Tyler Glasnow and Jake Burnette, and these two new ones are going to push the Pirates into the $15 million range.

UPDATE 12:08 AM: $8 million for Cole. And $5 million for Bell. The Pirates are going to spend something like $17 million this year. This is insane, completely bank-breaking stuff. I was arguing with some people about this in the comments earlier, and I said I thought it was unlikely the Pirates would sign Bell, in part because teams just don't go nuts this way. Well, they do now. I've got egg all over my face, and I couldn't be happier.

UPDATE 12:21 AM: Cole's contract could be a major-league deal. We'll have to see how all the details shake out before we know whether the Pirates set a draft spending record.

UPDATE 12:25 AM: It's a minor-league deal.