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Cardinals 7, Pirates 2

So much for the sweep. Home runs and Allen Craig shared top billing in this one, and the two stars shared the stage for a couple songs as well. Craig hit a two-run jack off Paul Maholm in the first, then added a solo homer in the seventh. He also had an infield single in the eighth that also led to a run on an error by Brandon Wood.

Meanwhile, Kyle Lohse notched seven strikeouts in seven innings, giving up both runs on a homer by Jose Tabata. The Bucs managed just six hits total in the game.

Oh, and Tony LaRussa amusingly replaced Mark Rzepczynski with the Cardinals up five runs with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Weird.

Oh well. At least the Bucs got two out of three. And Clint Hurdle doesn't have a local commercial like this.