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Pirates Split Doubleheader Against Brewers

I already wrote about the Pirates' loss in the first game in the previous gamethread. They won the second game, 9-2, touching up Zack Greinke for seven runs. The Brewers jumped out to an early lead in the first off Brad Lincoln but didn't score again. The Bucs, meanwhile, had a seven-run seventh, thanks to botched bunt attempts by Matt Diaz and Josh Harrison. Diaz tried and failed to bunt with no outs and a man on first, then got hit by a pitch. Harrison then tried and failed to do it, and knocked in a run with a double. And so the inning continued. That led to this gem from Greinke:

"It would have been nice," Greinke said, "if they would have just got their bunts down."

Beautiful. And thanks to Suffering Buc, who noticed this quote and posted it in the fanshots.

Anyway, it was nice to see the Pirates finally take one against Milwaukee.