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Anibal Sanchez One-Hits Pirates

The Pirates were one-hit by Anibal Sanchez and the Marlins in the Bucs' latest embarrassing game. Sanchez, who pitched a no-hitter a few years back, struck out 11 and gave up his only hit on a double by Neil Walker in the second. Jeff Locke, meanwhile, got through five innings and somehow only allowed three runs despite walking half the lineup.

Every time the Pirates are limited to just a few hits - and it seems like this happens about once a week - I'm amazed how long it's been since they were no-hit. It seems like it should happen at least once in a year like this. I'm aware this is probably more of a matter of my watching these games and scouring the box scores rather than anything that's rooted in some sort of statistical reality, but I have no desire to study it more closely. 

Some very good relief work (by Chris Resop, Jose Veras and the excellent Chris Leroux) was the only bright spot in this one.