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Marlins 4, Pirates 1

I feel like a bit of a chump even continuing to write about these games when the Pirates play like this, but what the heck. The Pirates' offense was, again, awful, and they'll end this series with five runs in three games. They struck out nine times, which I suppose qualifies as a reasonable total for them. 

Meanwhile, the Marlins only got five hits the whole game, but James McDonald walked a bunch of batters, and paid for them. Pitcher Javier Vazquez walked to start the fourth and then came home on a double by Greg Dobbs (after, by the way, the Pirates failed to hold Vazquez on first). The Marlins ended up scoring three more runs that inning, including another run scored by a batter who reached via a walk. As with yesterday's game, the only real highlight was a bunch of scoreless innings from the bullpen.