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Ross Ohlendorf's Bizarro-Land Home Run Keys 6-2 Pirates Victory

I don't know which was most unlikely: the immortal Dana Eveland finally taking one on the chin against the Pirates, Ross Ohlendorf's excellent start, or Ohlendorf's three-run, opposite-field homer in the second.

Sorry, I forgot what planet I was on there for a second. Ohlendorf's homer - a hard-hit fly ball that kept carrying - was, flat-out, probably the weirdest thing I've seen all season. It isn't as if Ohlendorf is a competent hitter for a pitcher. He always looks really awkward. As Dejan Kovacevic writes while making a similar point, Ohlendorf isn't even a good batting-practice hitter. Just thinking offhand here of the strange things that have happened this season - Jerry Meals' call, Michael McKenry's homer off Carlos Marmol, Pedro Ciriaco getting a key hit the other night - nope, Ohlendorf's homer tops them all.

The Dodgers ran out an anonymous lineup that consisted of Matt Kemp, James Loney, Juan Rivera and a bunch of rookies. Third baseman Russ Mitchell, whoever that is, homered in the fifth. But other than that, the Dodgers didn't do much, striking out eight times, walking twice and picking up six hits in a positively Pirates-like offensive performance. The Ohlendorf bomb was enough by itself to sink them.