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Zack Von Rosenberg, Zac Fuesser Lose No-Hitter With Two Outs And Two Strikes In Ninth

I'm listening to the radio broadcast of the West Virginia Power game tonight, and it sounds like a no-hit bid by Zack Von Rosenberg (six innings) and Zac Fuesser is over in the ninth, as Fuesser has allowed a home run in the ninth. As far as I can tell from the box (which might or might not be reliable at this point), Von Rosenberg pitched six perfect innings.

... The announcer is saying the no-hit bid continued until two outs in the ninth.

... Two outs and two strikes. Brutal.

Not much to celebrate about this, unfortunately. It was a great outing for Von Rosenberg, but his overall numbers are still pretty wretched. This is a great ending to his season, but it wasn't much of a season. We'll see if he can keep the ball down a bit better next year.