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Cardinals, Braves, Rays, Red Sox Shoot To Clinch Playoff Berths Tonight

The Brewers/Pirates series that ends the Pirates' season tonight is relevant for home-field-advantage reasons, but there are still four teams fighting for playoff spots, so we may as well discuss those games as well. The Cardinals and Braves are knotted at 89-72 after the Cards made a surprising playoff push, and Chris Carpenter and the Cards take on the Astros tonight. (Lucky them.) The Braves play the Phillies.

In the AL, both the Red Sox and the Rays are 90-71. I don't have any real problem with the Red Sox (well, besides their fans being just about the most annoying group of people on the planet), but I'll be rooting for David Price and the Rays against the Yankees tonight. Jon Lester and the Sox are in Baltimore.