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Ryan Doumit: 'Slim' Possibility Of Return

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Ryan Doumit doesn't think it's likely that he'll be back:

"The last couple days I've just been trying to enjoy it," Doumit said. "I know the probability of me being back is probably slim, but I've just been trying to enjoy the last couple of days and soak it all in."

There's also a quote from Clint Hurdle later in the article that makes clear that he doesn't think Doumit will be back, either, and that the Pirates (unsurprisingly) aren't going to pick up his option.

More from Doumit:

"I hope my legacy here isn't that I was always hurt because, for me, that's a tough pill to swallow," Doumit said. "I tried to give my best every day. I tried to be the guy that was reliable. The last couple years, in particular, I feel like I haven't been that guy with injuries and not playing up to my abilities."

Doumit and Paul Maholm are the last remaining links to the Dave Littlefield era. (Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker were drafted by Littlefield, but they didn't actually play for the Pirates during that time.) The team will feel pretty different without them, if in fact they both leave.